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(PRESS RELEASE) — Three hundred Secret Santa prizes will be awarded every Monday during the $240,000 Penguin’s Treasure casino bonus contest starting this week at Intertops Casino Classic. Players earn points when they play games, and those with the most points will win up to $500 every week. Comical penguins will inform the winners.

Every Monday until 28 January, the band of crazy penguins will dive into the sea and bring prizes to the top players for that week. Those players will split $30,000 in weekly giveaways. Bonuses will be distributed to the players by e-mail. The top 20 weekly winners are also entered in a final draw for two $1,000 cash prizes (with no wagering requirements).

“Our regular leaderboard is hidden during this bonus giveaway,” explained Intertops Casino’s manager. “You have all week to earn points, but weekly bonus winners are Santa’s secret until Monday morning!”

Frequent players win top bonuses, but even occasional players can win random bonuses up to $150 awarded on Thursdays.

Source: Online.CasinoCity.com


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