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Looking to dip your toes into the world of online bingo or simply need a refresher on how things work? Read on for an easy to follow guide on how to play UK bingo.

The essentials of bingo are easy to pick up even for someone who has never played before. Players simply mark their numbers off a bingo card as they are drawn randomly from a pot (or randomly generated in the case of online bingo).

Bingo cards are divided up into lines and columns and usually have numbers between one and ninety printed on them, as the balls are drawn and players mark them off there are several ways in which they can claim a win – straight full house, corners, line only games and so on, each game will have a variation but are all played the same way. Players win by marking off the numbers on their card as they are drawn until someone has the required configuration, shouting ‘House’ or ‘Bingo’ to win, easy eh?

Usually players purchase bingo books, with each page representing a single game which is split into six tickets. Players can choose to use between one and six tickets per game, with all ninety numbers split between all the tickets, so the more tickets they choose to play with the better the odds of a number they have being called. All bingo numbers are represented in columns, with column one representing numbers one to nine, column two numbers ten to nineteen and so on and normally there are also three rows per ticket, each with five numbers. As players mark off the numbers wins can occur for marking off a row (called a line), marking off two rows, called two lines, or if they manage to mark off all the numbers, then it is called a Full House.

As soon as a player has a winning ticket, in order to claim they must call straight away (House/Bingo), before the next number is drawn. If the host has already begun to draw the next ball the winning ticket becomes null and void, part of the fun of bingo is shouting your claim to win before you miss out.

With online bingo much of this is automated for members, but it is always best to keep your eye on the game as you never know when your luck will be in. There are several variations of the game including seventy-five and fifty ball bingo and multiple ways in which prizes can be won, for example some games allow wins once corner numbers are drawn, but they are all essentially played the same way.

With the advent of online bingo the choice and variety of games on offer has never been larger and with many featuring big cash jackpots and generous bingo deposit bonuses as well, now is a great time to get involved and see what all the fuss is about.


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