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Bingo isn’t just a game enjoyed by the Americans and British, it is played worldwide in a number of different countries, albeit with a few having slightly different interpretations of the rules. These rule changes may be minor but could easily catch out a player who is unaware of them, and for any Brit looking to play their favorite game either whilst on holiday or perhaps even relocating they are something to bear in mind.

At UK Bingo Promotions we always like to offer our guidance and help out where we can, so you can stay ahead of the game and bingo abroad safe in the knowledge you have everything under control..ish. So here are our top worldwide bingo destinations, apart from Cleethorpes, which was always a given.

Germany – der Lottospiel

Germany was one of the earlier adopters of bingo, with a game similar to the UK version really taking hold in 1880. The German twist was to refer to the game as der Lottospiel, and instead of ‘house’ or ‘bingo’ being called when claiming a win, the word ‘volltreffer’ was used.

The Germans take their bingo less seriously than other countries and the game is very much seen as source of entertainment and also as a teaching method used in schools. A great way to teach both maths and spelling, the game of bingo has also been adapted and used in other subjects such as history, something the schools in the UK have also picked up on and often use. This means that a younger generation has grown up with the game, and bingo has become more popular than ever with over 40 bingo halls now holding regular games throughout the country.

Italy – Gioco del Lotto

The modern origins of the game of bingo can be traced to the country of Italy dating all the way back to 1530, although it was originally known as ‘Gioco del Lotto’, more details of which can be found on another of our articles, The History of Bingo. Although it may not hold the limelight nowadays, Italy is packed full of bingo halls and is very popular among locals and those visiting looking to take in some of the many cultural delights this country has to offer will find more than enough opportunities to engage in their favourite past time as well.

Japan – land of pachinko machines

The Japanese have been known to enjoy the odd bingo game or two, although unlike most countries that were introduced to the game through gaming halls, bingo was first played in casinos. Traditionally, Japan is known, in the gambling world, as the land of pachinko machines, however with recent legislative changes and technical advances, bingo machines have also seen an increase in popularity. The Japanese especially and rather unsurprisingly, like to play online bingo and the country in now the second largest market sector in the world with players drawn to the ease of access, the simple rules and bingo gaming culture.

Romania – Bingo Romania

Here’s a little known and surprising bingo fact for you, when it comes to popularity Romania is ranked number two in the world. Yes, we were surprised to hear this as well, who’d have thought! Apparently this meteoric rise in popularity is relatively recent, only occurring since the resurgence from the Ceaucescu regime in 1990. Modern Romanians love to play both online bingo and in the more traditional bingo halls and they even have a number of long running shows, such as ‘Bingo Romania’ that are still popular today. However, if you plan to visit, best make it sooner rather than later as the change in attitude and political climate within the country is causing a lot of uncertainty around the legalities of gambling, which is one of the reasons why there are very few Romanian based online bingo sites despite the high level of home grown interest.

Sweden – traditional bingo

Believe it or not, bingo is Sweden is big business, most forms of gambling are under state control, not so bingo which is only partially managed and this could explain why they love the game so much. The game is especially popular among the younger generation, this is good news as it is bound to lead to an even bigger increase in the bingo playing population as they age and continue to play. Whilst they play several variations of bingo, Swedes love nothing more than the traditional 90 and 75 ball bingo game and UK players will feel right at home here…sauna bingo anyone?


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