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Do you often hear the term “bingo odds” and wonder what does it really mean? If this is the case then hopefully this article will help clear up any questions you may have. In our comprehensive guide on “bingo odds” we will cover different aspects of the subject such as what does it mean, the factors which can influence the outcome and more.

What are Bingo Odds?

Every bingo game comes with a chance of winning or losing, this element of chance is referred to as the “bingo odds”. Whether you are playing offline or online, your odds of winning the game are dependent on two factors – luck and probability. Most players are happy to enjoy the game and if they win then great, however, if you are someone who likes to take things a little more seriously and would like to improve your odds of winning, the guide below will explain the different factors that can affect your chances of winning that big money jackpot.

Four factors on which your bingo odds depend

While it is true that the game of bingo largely depends on luck, it is important to know the key factors used so that you can improve your odds and gain an edge over your competitors.

The four primary factors on which your chances of winning or losing a bingo game depend are:

1. Bingo cards
2. Number calls
3. Number of players
4. Games entered

Let’s look at each of them one by one.

Bingo cards – it is always a great idea to have more

Always remember, the more cards you have, the greater you chances of winning the jackpot. This is the most critical part of a bingo game and a tried and tested way to enhance your odds of winning. What do we mean, well, for instance, if you purchase one bingo card and there are eight players in the game, your odds of winning will be 1/8. But if you purchase four bingo cards, your odds of winning will improve and become 1 out of 2, i.e. 50%.

It is always a good idea to choose a online bingo site that allows you to see the total number of bingo cards in a game. This can really help when calculating the odds of potentially winning.

Number calls – odds increase with the decrease in the number of calls

In the case of an online bingo game, the numbers are called out by an automated randomised system. It has been found that the odds of winning the jackpot increase when the number of balls decrease. In other words, the odds of winning on the 17th call is lower than your odds of winning on the 67th call in a 90 ball Bingo game for example. The fewer balls left in the game, the better the odds of winning it.

Number of players – more or less, the situation will be in your favour

By keeping an eye on the number of players in the room, you can calculate your odds of winning or losing the game. However, this can prove to be quite tricky when compared to other factors that affect bingo odds.

Whether there are a lot of players or only a few, both will be of benefit, the more players there are, the more bingo cards will be in play resulting in a bigger jackpot. Conversely, the fewer the number of players, whilst the jackpot will be lower your odds of winning will increase as there is less competition. So, you don’t really need to worry about the number of players in the game as either way, you benefit. In our opinion is it best to compromise and go for the middle ground by finding a room with an average number of players, this way you have reasonable chance of winning a decent jackpot without too much competition. If you are someone who prefers big jackpots, then playing at peak times is the way to forward as the this will help raise the jackpot pool.

Games entered – more games mean more luck

This another very important factor on which your bingo odds depend – the number of games you choose to play. More games mean higher odds of winning. As an example, if you play ten games with an average number of players and jackpot as opposed to three games with more players and a higher jackpot, your bets will divide, and your odds of winning will significantly go up. While big jackpots are often alluring, the smart way to win more money is to play more games with smaller jackpots.

Factors to keep in mind

Now that you know the factors that can influence your odds of winning a bingo game, here is a recap to ensure that you remember them by heart.

To increase your bingo odds:
1. Play with more bingo cards
2. Pick a bingo room or site that allows you to see the total number of cards in play
3. The fewer number of balls in play, means the better the odds of winning
4. Try to play more games with an average number of players and jackpot total
5. Time your gaming sessions and avoid peak times such as weekends where rooms can often be overloaded with players

The final thought

As we previously mentioned, bingo is a game of luck and probability. However, playing it smartly can improve your odds and help you win more jackpots (hopefully). A strategy is important no matter how lucky you think you are. If you bear in mind all the information mentioned above, you will increase your odds of winning the jackpot. Whilst bingo is a lot of fun, if played smartly and with a more strategic approach it is possible to win regularly.


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