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How to play 30 Ball Bingo

How to play 30 Ball Bingo

What is 30 Ball Bingo?

Those of you who casually play online bingo from time to time have probably heard of 90 ball and 75 ball bingo, the most commonly found games and most sites have various themed rooms based around these two versions. There are a few however that also feature 30 ball bingo, a short, quick-fire version of the game, with fewer numbers, thirty hence the name and better odds when it comes to winning the full-house.

Also known as Speed Bingo, this shorter version of bingo allows for a quicker turnover of games and is becoming increasingly popular, particularly online where it is steadily building a loyal fan base both sides of the Atlantic by adding this quickfire extra dimension to the game not normally found in 75 ball bingo, the American favourite or the British favoured 90 ball bingo game.

30 Ball Bingo Rules

Players familiar with 75 or 90 ball bingo will find 30 ball bingo easy to pick up as the rules are very similar to these two games. The main difference that they may notice is that 30 ball bingo is a much quicker game, typically taking a few minutes making a session a quickfire affair with lots of games to participate in.

Whilst both 75 ball and 90 ball bingo is played offline and online, 30 ball bingo is an online only game, specifically aimed at a younger crowd in an attempt to make bingo more appealing to a new generation of players. Of course there is nothing to stop anyone who wishes to play from joining in and seasoned players looking for something new or those looking for a change now and again are more than welcome to join in fun, no matter what age they are.

The basic premise of 30 ball bingo is a simple three step process and shares many similarities to other variations of bingo, numbers are randomly drawn and marked off on a bingo card until a participant has a winning pattern, the first player to achieve this wins.

Step 1 – Purchase a Bingo Ticket

The first step is to purchase a bingo ticket or strip. How players choose this is up to them, some look for lucky numbers on the ticket, others are happy to take a random number selection which has been auto generated, the more strips you purchase the better the chances of winning. Online bingo sites have an option to do either of these with a choice of both an auto generation and select your own numbers available.

Step 2 – Time to get Daubing

Once all players have purchased their strips the game begins. Number between 1 and 30 are selected randomly and if a player has a particular number when drawn they mark this off their bingo ticket or tickets depending how many they bought, this is also known as daubing. Online players can do this themselves or allow the software to automatically mark off the numbers for them.

Step 3- We have a Winner

This process continues until someone has marked off all their numbers, the first to do this is the winner of the game (not forgetting to shout ‘HOUSE’ or ‘BINGO’). Also known as a Full House, this differs slightly from other variations of bingo in that it is the only way to win, making 30 ball bingo an even simpler version of game than the already simple 75 ball and 90 ball bingo.

The 30 Ball Bingo Card

As you can see from the example graphic above, the 30 Ball Bingo card has a simple layout containing fewer numbers than either the 75 or 90 ball bingo card.

Consisting of a 3 x 3 grid the card has 3 columns and 3 rows, resulting in total of 9 number spaces. Although no two cards are the same with numbers randomised, column 1 always contains numbers 1 -10, column 2 numbers 11 -20 and column 3 numbers 21 -30.

This makes the game very easy to pick up and play requiring no previous bingo experience, as numbers are called out marking them off, or daubing, is something just about anyone can manage.

Why play 30 Ball Bingo?

1. Fancy a game of online bingo but don’t have long to play? 30 ball bingo is the ideal choice as the quick pace of the game means each game lasts no more than a few minutes and is great way to squeeze in a few games where time is of the essence.

2. More opportunities to win, if you don’t win the round, not to worry, a new game will be starting again in seconds and with such a quick turnover of games there are more opportunities to win that jackpot in a shorter space of time.

3. 30 ball bingo is all about participation right from the get go, fast daubing and constant action, the game certainly doesn’t hang around and the fast pace will keep any player on their toes, it really is fast, frantic bingo.

4. The easiest game of bingo you will ever play, with just thirty numbers to choose from, one way to win and a nine number bingo card, 30 ball bingo could not be any more simple and is a perfect game for those both new to the game and the more experienced player.

30 ball bingo may be seen as the young upstart compared to the original 75 and 90 ball game, but it is rapidly gaining an ever increasing online fanbase. Although it may never replace the more traditional versions of bingo, online 30 ball bingo complements these other versions perfectly offering players a more condensed rapid-fire game better suited to a fast paced world with players short on time or attention span and is a great way of introducing online bingo to those who may not have even considered even giving the game a go before.

Online Bingo Top Tips

Online Bingo Top Tips

At UK Bingo Promotions we would like to think that we know a thing or two about online bingo (please feel free to correct us if we are wrong). Always happy to lend a help in hand, we have already posted articles on topics such as the Pitfalls of Online Bingo and Bingo Strategies for Newbies, so we thought it may be a nice gesture if we passed on some more of our expert gaming knowledge, gathered together and tried and tested with millions of bingo hours logged, a tough job but someone has to do it. Okay, maybe a slight exaggeration but you get the idea, and hopefully some of the following tips will come in handy for next time you decide to play a game or two.

Share your knowledge

If you have any helpful suggestions you think may come in handy then why not submit them below, one of the great aspects of bingo is the community, so don’t be shy and pass that knowledge on.

Check the Promotions Tab

Most online bingo sites have a separate Promotions Tab usually found in the main menu, this is worth checking regularly as some bingo sites have a habit of introducing new bingo promotions without actually telling members about them, this is an easy way to make sure you don’t miss out and to check on any details.

Time your deposits

Yes really, the time of the day you choose to make a deposit can effect how much of a bonus you receive. In our experience making a deposit in the evening, usually between 5pm and 11pm, tends to be the best time with many deposit bonuses such as happy hours and bonus bonuses usually available in the evening gaming sessions.

Check the bingo games schedule

Most online bingo sites have a handy bingo schedule to help members plan their gaming sessions. From this it is possible to map out the games with the best jackpots, which rooms they are in and when they are being held. By timing your gaming and joining a jackpot game when at its peak you will spend less money as most of the growth has already been covered.

The bingo schedule is also useful for planning gaming to a particular budget and players can plan an optimised gaming session to get the most from their funds, we recommend playing the higher ticket games in the evenings, thanks to the bigger jackpots and sticking with low value games during the day.

Time Bingo Card purchases

There is no hard set rule on this and can vary from site to site, again using the bingo schedule it is possible to work out when and for what games to buy tickets, often with timed buy one get one free promotions and peak jackpots to be taken into consideration.

Read the Terms and Conditions

Often ignored and, to be fair, it is easy to see why, the small print of many online bingo sites can be hard going and can get in the way of the gaming. However, taking the time to read the Terms and Conditions will put you in a good position when choosing which games to play and promotions to claim as there can occasionally be a hidden catch or wagering requirement.

Keep an eye on the Chat Games

When playing it is easy to ignore the Live Chat and concentrate on the game in hand, however by keeping one eye on the chat you can soon build up some handy extras as many hosts will hold their own games and offer extra bonuses which is an easy way of topping up the budget.

Subscribe to the Newsletter

Members who choose to receive Newsletters are often rewarded with exclusive bonuses not found directly on the main site, it is also a great way to keep up with the latest gaming news.

Follow social media pages

If your favourite online bingo site has an active social media account, like, follow or subscribe to it. Not only will you receive all the latest news and goings on within the site, many will also offer exclusive social media bonuses, Facebook in particular is good for this.

Pitfalls to avoid when gambling online

Pitfalls to avoid when gambling online

Last month in our blog we wrote all about Gambling Responsibly Online, which included a number of tips to bear in mind when playing.

On the reverse side of this, there are a number of pitfalls that players can fall into and this month we have included a number issues to be aware of, not as a scare tactic, after all we love nothing more than good game of online bingo ourselves, but pointers and tips so that gambling online stays a fun pastime and does not become a negative influence effecting both your own life and those around you.

Gambling Responsibly Online – The Don’ts


Avoid drinking and gambling

Many of us like to have a drink and gambling and drinking often go hand in hand, which can lead to some rash decisions being made that will later be regretted. Try and avoid alcohol when playing, that way you will keep a clear head and make better decisions, if you already have a drinking problem or struggle not to drink when gambling then it is best to avoid playing altogether and this will often lead to addiction and/or problems further down the line.

Feeling down? Don’t gamble

The mood you are in can also effect the decisions that you make and if you are not in good place mentally this could have a knock on effect when gambling and what initially starts out as a bit of fun could become far more serious than this and not in a good way. Similarly to alcohol and drug addiction, gambling can often be seen as form of escapism, a way to side step the real issues and gain a short term buzz. If you find yourself turning to gambling as way to block out other problems then it is time to seek help as in the long term this will only make the situation worse, not fix it.

Stay connected

With the ability to play from anywhere with any device, it is easy to gamble from the comfort of your own home, this can be an issue if you are spending hours by yourself as you can soon be sucked into a game and lose perspective of the fun element. If you do play alone, try and play social games such as bingo or games with chat rooms, that way you will still be interacting with other players and it helps create a fun, social atmosphere. As always with anything online, just be mindful of who you are speaking to and never give out personal information unless you know them.

Never bet more than you can afford

This is an obvious one, but fundamentally one of the most important premises to stick by. Never, ever gamble more than you can afford to lose. Priorities your budget for necessities such as food, bills and rent, treat gambling as you would any other social activity such as a night out or going to the cinema, set a budget you are prepared to spend, can realistically afford and do not expect to win, have fun and if your luck is in then great, but do not rely on this.

Don’t ignore the law

If you are underage, do not gamble, it is that simple. Yes, there are supposed to be laws in place that prevent this from happening, but let’s face it, especially online, these are relatively easy to bypass with a little bit of tech know-how, however just because you can do it does not mean you should. Laws on underage gambling are in place for a reason and, as with many other forms of addiction, problems from gambling are often developed from a younger age, with teenagers in particular susceptible. Underage gambling should not be encouraged and parents and authority figures, such as teachers, should keep a close eye on children’s behaviour and online activities.

Accept that you may lose

One of the biggest and most common mistakes made is trying to cover any losses. The nature of gambling is that you will lose sometimes and you will also sometimes win. The danger is that if you lose do not go over budget trying to win back your losses, you cannot win all the time and many players believe that their luck will turn and they are bound to win sooner or later, whilst in reality this is not the case, the odds are always in the house’s favour. Continuously gambling to win back any losses regardless of a budget is a downward spiral towards debt or even worse and one to be avoided at all times.

Recognise the symptoms

Think you may know someone who has a gambling addiction or perhaps recognise the symptoms within yourself? Acknowledging that there may be an issue is step one towards dealing with it. Mood swings, lifestyle changes, money problems, depression, relationship issues, all signs that gambling may have become a much more serious matter than just some harmless fun. If any of this seems relevant to yourself or someone you know, perhaps it is time to talk to someone about the problem before the situation spirals out of control.

There are a number of organisations in place to help with gambling addiction offering professional advice and counselling:

Gamblers Anonymous
Gambling Therapy

To reiterate, it is crucial to bear in mind that gambling is supposed to be about having fun and for the vast majority of players this is the case. Like any ‘vice’ gambling can be addictive, but played with the right frame of mind and awareness of the possible dangers there is no reason why it should not stay fun rather than become an issue.

Gambling Responsibly Online

Gambling Responsibly Online

Gambling is fun, it is supposed to be and in the UK over 73% of adults would seem to agree with this as they gamble at least once a year. With the rise of the internet and easily accessible bingo and casino websites, online gambling has seen a huge increase in players who like to play regularly, taking advantage of various registration and deposit bonuses. For the vast majority this is all about having some harmless fun, the odd flutter, playing with friends or just whiling away some time, playing responsibly with no negative effects. However, as with any ‘vice’, gambling can be addictive and this can have serious consequences, where having some harmless fun can quickly escalate to having a terrible impact on someone’s life and those involved with them and can include serious financial, health and social issues.

It is always important to be aware of the risks involved with gambling and there are measures players can take in order to avoid falling into gambling addiction. The following guide, by no means a complete solution, will help you stay safe online.


Responsible gambling tips to keep in mind


Try and enjoy yourself

It is important to recognise what gambling is about, it is supposed to be a fun leisure activity, the idea being that it is not the outcome that matters but the playing of the game, sure if you win that is a bonus but it is not the sole reason to be playing, it may be a cliché but it is the taking part that counts not the end result.

Gambling is a risk

Although when you place a bet you hope to win the vast majority of us do not, that is the point of gambling, nothing is guaranteed and the odds are always going to be in the house’s favour, so they can make their money and offer their services. Most of us, of course, understand and realise this and as long as you keep this in mind and remember the odds are stacked against you then it will help keep the risks in perspective.

Set a realistic budget

Set yourself a budget and stick to it, always be prepared to lose this money as well. Called a ‘loss limit’ this is the amount of money you can afford to lose and once it has gone do not start placing on more bets in the hope to recover it, this can lead to things spiralling out of control and debt issues. Players should look at gambling as any other form of entertainment, if a night out will cost you £50 would you spend more money to recover this? The same with gambling, play with a realistic budget and once it is gone, it is gone, do not place on more.

Accept you may lose

Do not pin all your hopes on a gambling outcome, gambling is a risk, that is the idea behind it, nothing is guaranteed and yes you may win sometimes but the vast majority of players will lose, otherwise it is not a gamble. When playing it is best to bear this in mind, do not get hooked onto that next big win, accept you may lose and if you are winning know when to quit as ultimately the odds will always play out in the house’s favour.

Know when to stop playing

Reinforcing the ‘loss limit’ and budget control tip is knowing when it is time to stop playing, this can be when you have played through your budget or won a few times, it is always best to quit whilst ahead. If at any point you feel the game is taking over then it is always best to walk away, if it stops being fun or you have other things that need doing or even have other arrangements made, do not let the gambling dictate things for you. Knowing when to stop is crucial and any negative feelings that may occur can be a sign that things are not as they should be and you should stop playing.

Have other hobbies

It is important not to let gambling take over you life, having other interests or hobbies plays an important role providing a balance and time away from playing. Gambling is meant to be fun and played in a controlled, balanced manner it can be an exciting past time but should not be the ONLY source of fun you have, having a range of hobbies can be both beneficial for both body and mind.

Know the gambling laws

Playing online opens up a world of possibilities with hundreds of casinos to choose from, unfortunately not all of them reputable and many even be illegal. Be aware of the gambling laws that apply your country and stick to them, only play sites that adhere to these and be wary of any sites that do not ‘feel’ right, gut instinct can be a powerful guide.

Play reputable site

Being so open and with the large sums of money involved, online gambling can attract unsavoury characters and dodgy websites. Only play those which are recognised by your country regulators, in the UK this is the Great Britain Gambling Commission but there are many others throughout the world, sticking with these sites will mean that you are protected from fraud, withholding of money or credit card skimming. There are many household recognisable brands to choose from and these will be safer to play than a site you have never heard of.

Chat sensibly

Live chat is an integral part of online gambling, it can be both entertaining and fun, but like other chat rooms you cannot guarantee who you are talking to is who they say they are. Never, ever give out personal information whilst chatting online, by all means join in the fun but personal details should not be divulged.

Help is available

At UK Bingo Promotions as much as we love nothing more than enjoying our favourite past time and as useful as these tips may be, we are only too aware of the negative impact that gambling can have on individuals and the people around them. If you do suspect or know of anyone who may be affected by a gambling issue there are a number of organisations that can be contacted for help, listed below.

Gamblers Anonymous
Gambling Therapy

Strategy Tips for Bingo Newbies

Strategy Tips for Bingo Newbies

Online bingo is fun, a lot a fun, it also helps that players have the chance to win themselves a share of some, often not to be sniffed at, huge bingo jackpots. So, you have done your research, had a look at all the online bingo sites available to play, closely studied and deciphered the various terms and conditions each of these sites have to offer, taken note of the bingo promotions available and now you are ready to take the plunge into the murky depths of the online bingo pool.

WAIT!! Before you do, we have one last suggestion, strategy, having a plan before you start playing. Okay yes, we know bingo is not exactly like playing Risk but having a bingo strategy in place is definitely recommended, especially for the bingo newbie. It’s a good job we have put together a little guide then eh, a few pointers from our vast experience, some of which we wish we had known about ourselves when we first dipped our toes into the online bingo pool. Some may work better than others for you, but keep in the mind the following tips and hopefully they will come in handy.

Learn the rules of online bingo

It may seem obvious but make sure you know the rules of each and every bingo room you play, many of them have slightly different rules depending on the number of balls in play and whilst generally universal, sometimes the same game is played differently depending on which bingo site you are playing on.

Keep an eye the Live Chat

It’s good to talk so keep at least one eye on the Live Chat, available on most online bingo sites. Not only is Live Chat a great source of entertainment but often the hosts will throw in extra games and bonuses to be played for, it’s a great way of topping up the bingo funds and having fun to boot.

Claim BOGOF bonus tickets

If someone tells you to BOGOF then you should not be offended, BOGOF or ‘buy one get one free’ is essentially two for one on ticket purchases. Many sites have BOGOF bonuses which is an easy way to double the number of bingo tickets played with.

Play the free bingo games

Check your site of choice to see if there are any free bingo games as many sites have free bingo rooms for members to play, many of which have real cash jackpots to be won. This is both a great and easy way to play your favourite game risk free and potentially win big as well, pretty much a win – win situation, an obvious ‘must do’ then but you’d be surprised how many players miss this trick.

Stick to off-peak bingo

This one may seem less obvious and is harder to stick to, especially if you have a normal day-time job as well, but try playing off-peak. Tickets are often cheaper and you will have a better chance of bagging that big jackpot, the downside to all this that it could require playing during unsociable hours so we recommend making a plan of where and when to play, that way you won’t miss out.

Use the Auto Buy function

Why not let the bingo site buy your cards for you, that way you’d never need to miss a game. Most bingo sites have an auto buy function nowadays, simply choose the number of games you want to play, how many cards you want for each game and how much you would like to spend and everything else will be taken care of. One note of caution though, do not leave the room with auto buy turned on or any tickets you have bought will become invalid so always turn the service off and finish any games before exiting.

Pre-purchase bingo cards

Which leads neatly onto our next tip, buy your bingo cards in advance. Most games have an option to purchase bingo tickets up to a week in advance, by doing this not only can you plan your game playing week but also your budget, knowing exactly how much you are spending and when is definitely something we would recommend. If you make purchases for games that you then find you cannot play they can be cancelled and refunded, so even commitment-phobes don’t have an excuse.

Stick to a bingo budget

Which, strangely enough, not planned of course, leads onto our next tip, keep tight reign of your budget. It is always best to have a budget and stick to it, hopefully you may win big in which case, happy days! However be prepared to lose the lot, that way any winnings is seen as a bonus, especially since there are no guarantees when it comes to online bingo.

Keep an eye on bingo promotions

Keep an eye out for any promotions, these are usually displayed on the website’s homepage or under a promotions tab, you can even check for your favourite site at UK Bingo Promotions. With promotions changing all the time it is best to check regularly so that you don’t miss out, if a site has social media pages it may be worth following them as well as often any new offers will also be posted on the timeline.

Fully use any bingo bonus

It may seem obvious but don’t forget to make full use of any bingo bonuses. Often cash match deposit bonuses also come with free slot or bonus wheel spins and can be easily missed, having done this several times ourselves you’d be surprised just how often these extras are not claimed.

Play online bingo often

Play the numbers game, the more you play the better your chances of winning. However, this one comes with a big warning light, using this method takes some self-restraint, it is crucial to stick to your budget, but by playing a combination of cheaper games and at off-peak hours it is possible to make things stretch to a far greater number of games, meaning more chances to win.

A few useful tips then and maybe not just for the newbie, keep these bingo strategy tips in mind and they will help increase your chances of winning that big life changing jackpot, at the very least it should mean more gaming fun for your buck, that’s still a win as far as we are concerned. Have fun!

The Lucky World of Online Bingo Superstitions

The Lucky World of Online Bingo Superstitions

Luck, some of us appear to have it, others don’t, whilst there is a whole grey area in between about making your own luck. Online bingo players can be a superstitious crowd, relying on all sorts of inanimate and sometimes animate objects, rituals and gaming mantras to give themselves a winning edge.

Of course, not everyone’s idea of luck is the same and what works for one player may not work for another. At UK Bingo Promotions for example we have a lucky pair of pants, we feel the need to add at this point that the pants are not passed around the office and worn by whoever is playing at the time, least not without washing them first. No, they sit idly on a desk, silently spreading their lucky vibe around the office as we occasionally play between working, of course, ahem. However, we are in a fortunate position and not everyone can own such a stunning pair of lucky pants or indeed have the same sort of luck with them.

Throughout the world luck has always had a part to play and we have taken a look and found a number of ideas and items that may inspire others to take up the online bingo cause and help them to win that life changing jackpot.

Lucky Numbers

1! No, number 7! Wait…13! Lucky numbers can be very subjective, what works for one person may not work for another, it also depends whereabouts in the world you are. The number 7 is considered lucky in western culture, 13 unlucky for some, but head over to the far east and the number 8 is considered favourable and in Chinese culture the number 13 is also lucky. Picking a number for yourself can be tricky, maybe a date something fortunate happened to you or even just one you have always liked, whatever the method if it brings you luck then bingo on!

Maneki Neko

Maneki NekoManeki Neko also know as the Beckoning Cat is commonly found throughout Japan. In western culture cats, especially black, are often regarded as omens of bad luck, not so in the far east where Maneki Neko cats can often be found from trinkets to shop entrances, even mobile phone covers which, come to think of it, isn’t a bad idea as we often play bingo on our phone. Oh and a top tip, go for a gold cat if you can, apparently they are even luckier.

Lucky Penny

It’s an oldie but a good one, “See a penny, pick it up – all day long you’ll have good luck!”. Most of us would have heard this growing up, although it’s open to debate at what age picking up pennies from the pavement is considered a career rather than childhood good fortune. Apparently lucky pennies can bring you luck then and different kinds of pennies are luckier than others, for example, we find it is best to avoid face down coins as these are considered to bring bad luck whilst those with holes in the middle are doubly lucky and, no, it doesn’t count if you drill one through yourself.

A Ship’s Figurehead

Now, we understand that this one may not be practical for everyone but it does have it’s uses. Traditionally used to identify ships and strike fear into the enemy, think pirate ships, the ship’s figurehead was also often seen as a source of luck by the crew. Obviously getting hold of one of these when playing bingo may not be the easiest thing, but maybe having an image of one on the screen or mobile phone may help bring some of that figurehead charm to your bingo endeavours?

Lucky Clothing

We have our lucky underpants, what about you? Lucky clothing isn’t a new thing; many sports stars, for example, have lucky socks they like to wear when competing or how about a lucky top on a night out, doing the lottery…or playing online bingo. It may be one garment, in may be several but if you have had some luck when wearing a certain item of clothing, why not try it again, you never know it may just work.

Lucky Rabbit’s Foot

Surprisingly seen as a world wide lucky charm, apparently the way forward across many continents and countries including Africa, China, Europe and North America, it seems that the rabbit’s foot is pretty much the luckiest thing ever, except for the rabbit of course. Dating back to its origins, believed to be Celtic from around 600BC, the rabbit’s foot has been used as a lucky charm for thousands of years. Whilst we don’t suggest eyeing up someone’s beloved pet, should you happen to have one lying around (don’t we all)…

Wooden Jewellery

Wood? For luck? Surely not? Well, think about it, have you or do you know someone in the past who has said something and then followed it up with “touch wood”, usually placing the hand on a part of their anatomy, the part in question depending on who they are and who they are speaking to, not always appropriately we add. Many believe that wearing a wooden piece of custom jewellery, such as a bracelet or pendant will bring them the luck they are looking for, no one knows for sure where this custom came from but if it works, who are we to argue.

Lucky Horseshoe

Don’t touch the horses! Something we imagine you would hear should you start searching for the elusive lucky horseshoe in the wrong places. A traditional lucky charm dating from way back, made of iron with seven nails, so super lucky and a great way to ward off evil spirits, that’s a lot of luck in one chunk of metal. Horseshoes tend to be quite easy to come by without the need to take one directly off a horse, so why not ask your local stable if they have any spare, it could be the luckiest request you ever make.

Jin Chan

Jin Chan Rather than being a relation to Jackie Chan, the famous martial arts actor, Jin Chan is actually a lucky toad, obviously. Also known as Chan Chu or Money Toad, it is considered a lucky charm in Chinese culture, where it will have a Chinese coin placed in it’s mouth and positioned in the corner of room. Doesn’t sound very much fun for the toad we have to say, but apparently lucky for everyone else. The lucky toad charm must be effective though as other cultures have also embraced the amphibian including the Native Americans, Romans, Ancient Egyptians and Indigenous Australians.

Lucky Food

Yes, food can be lucky as well, some people insist on certain meals before competing in sports, much like any ritual a certain food can adjust the mindset to produce that lucky win, whether it’s something as simple as chocolate bar to a full three course meal, whichever you find works best for you. We’ve always felt an Indian takeaway radiates luck, but that could be just us, certainly radiates something anyway.

So there you have it, some useful pointers as to how to possibly ramp up the luck and good fortune in preparation for the superstitious online bingo gaming session. In no way comprehensive, people find their luck in all sorts of objects and situations, our top tip is to try a few of these together at the same time for a multiple charm offensive, that way surely something has got to rub off! You can thank us later (20% of all winnings should just about cover it).