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(PRESS RELEASE) — Mr Green has won the Customer Satisfaction Award category of the Swedish Gambling Awards. The Swedish Gambling Award is a new award for companies active in the Swedish gaming industry. The goal is to highlight and reward initiatives that have shown courage and innovation for sustainable development in the gaming industry in the categories Sustainability, Leadership and Customer Satisfaction.

Mr Green was shortlisted in all three categories and won the Customer Satisfaction Award. The company summarised its approach as using insights to support players.

Its entry concluded, “In a digital environment, everyone knows everything about the customer, but is the insight used to support the players or to drive profits? Through Green Gaming, Mr Green has chosen to serve their players on an individual level and shown measurable positive results. With a green approach, even players taking a loss become winners.”

“Without the customers, we are nothing! Being named Sweden’s best gaming company for the most satisfied customers based on the criteria of responsibility and gaming experience shows that what we do within Green Gaming is the right way forward in an evolving industry. We are very happy about this award,” says Mr Green’s Communication Director, Rikard Rinaldo.

Source: iGamingAffiliatePrograms.com


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