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At UK Bingo Promotions you could say we like our online bingo and regularly play, mainly for research purposes of course, ahem…

As many others have discovered, especially with it being a growing market, online bingo offers a unique, accessible world that was previously only available behind the doors of the bricks and mortar bingo hall and has opened the market up to anyone who has an internet connection and a compatible device. With hundreds of sites to choose from, many with their own unique games, some massive life changing jackpots waiting to be won and expertly designed themes to draw players in it is easy to see why the world of online bingo had grown so rapidly.

One of the downsides of all this is that it can be all too easy to overspend which can lead to the slippery slope of gambling addiction, something we do not condone, online bingo should be about having fun, the moment this changes is the time to stop playing.

With this is mind, to help keep costs down and stay within budget we have put together five useful bingo tips that we recommend players follow, this way you can still enjoy playing the game you love without having to rob the bank.

Bingo Tip 1 – The Deposit Bonus

Many online bingo sites offer a first deposit promotion to entice new players; many of these are very generous with the likes of 500% cash match bonuses and extra spins on bonus wheels. To keep players coming back you will often find that they also have regular deposit bonuses as well including second and third deposits, happy hours and buy one get one free (BOGOF) ticket offers.

Before depositing we recommend players should always check the small print in the terms and conditions for the following:

1. Deposit limits, there will usually be a minimum and maximum deposit limit for a bonus, so make sure you are aware of this so you do not deposit too little or too much and miss out.

2. Wagering limits, once you have the bonus when can you draw on your winnings (if any)? Most bingo promotions have minimum wagering limits before any money can then be taken back out.

3. Any required Promotional codes, some offers need a code added when making a deposit in order to trigger the bonus.

4. If in doubt, ask. Live Help is available on most sites and they will be happy to answer any questions and maybe even offer an extra special bonus just for you!

Bingo Tip 2 – Free Bingo Games

Nowadays most online bingo sites offer members the chance to join in and play free bingo games, many with real cash jackpots to be won.

Free bingo games can range from timed daily bingo rooms, to those reserved for new members and whilst the jackpots may not always match those of the paid games, free bingo is not to be sniffed at and especially welcome for those players looking to keep costs down.

Bingo Tip 3 – Budget Bingo Games

With so many games available to play many of them can be overlooked, but often tucked away on an online bingo site there will be one or two budget bingo rooms. These rooms typically charge as little as 1p or 2p per strip, so a full book can be bought for a minimal outlay.

As with any form of gambling, the more you tickets you buy the better your odds of winning and this is a great way of getting more bang for your buck. The other option is to purchase just one strip and use any winnings to buy more and so on, this way the initial outlay is reduced and players can cut and take their winnings whenever they like.

Bingo Tip 4 – High Value Bingo Games

High value bingo games, how does that work then? Well, think about it, a player may have a set budget for a gaming session, they can either play the budget rooms, as previously mentioned, meaning lots of games but smaller jackpots or they can play higher value bingo rooms with the potential to win a much bigger prize.

The crucial point to note with this is to have a budget and stick to it, never spend more than you planned to, if you win great, maybe use the winnings to play another game or withdraw, never, ever exceed your budget though. If that means one game and done, stick to that, should you feel the draw of the bigger jackpot and are tempted to spend more then this tip may not be for you.

Bingo Tip 5 – Chat Games

Often ignored, we recommend keeping an eye out for any Chat Games whilst in a bingo room. Hosted by the Chat Host these can be anything from calling out a lucky number to fast claim bonuses. Often spontaneous, these games can provide an extra boost to any member’s budget and are often overlooked by players who only have eyes on the main prize.

Although it can be a lot of fun, online bingo is no different to any other form of gambling and therefore does require a sense of self control. At UK Bingo Promotions we recommend always having a fixed, realistic budget for your gaming sessions and never going beyond this. The tips above should help to stretch your gaming fun and spend less, a double win in our books, happy bingoing!


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