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(PRESS RELEASE) — LeoVegas strengthens group management with the recruitment of Stefan Nelson as the new CFO. Stefan is a director at SEB Corporate Finance, and will start as CFO on 22 August this year when Viktor Fritzén enters his new role as senior advisor to the management team.

Stefan Nelson has a solid background with nearly 20 years of experience in finance. Among other things, he has been an equity analysts of the gaming sector, which brings a wealth of industry knowledge; from understanding the major trends to operational activities and the knowledge about the product. This, combined with a broad experience in M&A, will make Stefan a key player for LeoVegas in the future.

“I think it will be incredibly stimulating to start working at LeoVegas, which is one of the fastest growing companies on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. In my role at SEB, I led LeoVegas’ IPO in 2016, and have been familiar with the company and management team ever since. LeoVegas has impressively achieved a leading position in a large and fast-moving industry that is still in an early development phase. I am deeply impressed by the company’s unique corporate culture, which is perhaps the most important explanation for its success. And I look forward to being part of and contributing to the continued growth journey that Gustaf and his team have set out for the future.” says Stefan Nelson.

“I am extremely pleased to recruit Stefan Nelson as new CFO to LeoVegas. With his deep expertise in finance and a sense of both the business and the gaming industry, combined with having been Sweden’s most renowned gaming analyst, Stefan will be an addition to the management team and my right hand. Stefan’s broad and deep knowledge within M&A will also be an asset to us in the future. Furthermore, I was looking for a person who has a unique feeling for numbers and the ability to see them in the right context. That is a gift Stefan has,” said Gustaf Hagman, CEO LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group.

LeoVegas CFO, Viktor Fritzén, is taking on a new role by becoming the senior advisor to the management team. Viktor, after a planned parental leave starting at the end of 2018, will focus his work on strategic topics pertaining to growth and value creation. Viktor takes up his new role in the company on August 22.

“My new role as Senior Advisor enables me to focus more on areas that I have particular passion for, which involves strategy, data-driveness and analysis. It’s a fantastic CFO team I’m now leaving for my successor in the fall,” said Viktor Fritzén, CFO LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group.

“When Viktor told me about his upcoming longer parental leave and the willingness to focus on strategic questions, it was obvious to build a role with that in focus. Viktor will in the middle of Q4 this year go on parental leave, then, when he returns to his role as Senior Advisor, he will assist me and the management team on strategic matters and our long-term goals. With Viktor’s expertise and knowledge of the company, I would like to see him as a future member of the board,” said Gustaf Hagman, CEO of LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group.

“Viktor began as CFO in 2012 and has played an important part in the building of LeoVegas, especially in areas such as the creation of our data-driven culture, our capital raising, acquisitions and listings. Viktor’s enthusiasm and unique understanding of numbers is something that has also inspired many of our colleagues. Viktor is an amazing person with unique skills and knowledge about LeoVegas. We have very ambitious plans for the long term so it will be very interesting to see what a more dedicated focus on these topics from Viktor in his new role can provide,” Gustaf Hagman continued.

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