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(PRESS RELEASE) — The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has recently issued a Preliminary Market Consultation (PMC) document to request information pertaining to possible project implementations which could provide a Unified Self-Exclusion System to be applied to the regulated gaming industry in Malta. The PMC document may be accessed via the Maltese Government’s Electronic Public Procurement System (ePPS). All submissions are also to be sent through the ePPS.

Responsible gaming is a key priority within the MGA’s regulatory policy development and framework. Following upon the White Paper to Future Proof Malta’s Gaming Legal Framework published in July 2017, the MGA is pursuing tools and means to further strengthen the protection afforded to players. These initiatives include the recently published Player Protection Directive, and the Alternative Dispute Resolution Directive, as well as our declared intent to launch a Unified Self-Exclusion System across gambling operators, irrespective of channel.

The MGA envisages that a Unified Self-Exclusion System would be a significant step forward in the MGA’s agenda to implement further control for the prevention of gambling-related harm, extending the criteria in Part IV of the Player Protection Directive, and Part IV of the Gaming Premises Regulations. The scope and high-level specifications of the Unified Self-Exclusion System can be accessed via the PMC document.

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