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Luck, some of us appear to have it, others don’t, whilst there is a whole grey area in between about making your own luck. Online bingo players can be a superstitious crowd, relying on all sorts of inanimate and sometimes animate objects, rituals and gaming mantras to give themselves a winning edge.

Of course, not everyone’s idea of luck is the same and what works for one player may not work for another. At UK Bingo Promotions for example we have a lucky pair of pants, we feel the need to add at this point that the pants are not passed around the office and worn by whoever is playing at the time, least not without washing them first. No, they sit idly on a desk, silently spreading their lucky vibe around the office as we occasionally play between working, of course, ahem. However, we are in a fortunate position and not everyone can own such a stunning pair of lucky pants or indeed have the same sort of luck with them.

Throughout the world luck has always had a part to play and we have taken a look and found a number of ideas and items that may inspire others to take up the online bingo cause and help them to win that life changing jackpot.

Lucky Numbers

1! No, number 7! Wait…13! Lucky numbers can be very subjective, what works for one person may not work for another, it also depends whereabouts in the world you are. The number 7 is considered lucky in western culture, 13 unlucky for some, but head over to the far east and the number 8 is considered favourable and in Chinese culture the number 13 is also lucky. Picking a number for yourself can be tricky, maybe a date something fortunate happened to you or even just one you have always liked, whatever the method if it brings you luck then bingo on!

Maneki Neko

Maneki NekoManeki Neko also know as the Beckoning Cat is commonly found throughout Japan. In western culture cats, especially black, are often regarded as omens of bad luck, not so in the far east where Maneki Neko cats can often be found from trinkets to shop entrances, even mobile phone covers which, come to think of it, isn’t a bad idea as we often play bingo on our phone. Oh and a top tip, go for a gold cat if you can, apparently they are even luckier.

Lucky Penny

It’s an oldie but a good one, “See a penny, pick it up – all day long you’ll have good luck!”. Most of us would have heard this growing up, although it’s open to debate at what age picking up pennies from the pavement is considered a career rather than childhood good fortune. Apparently lucky pennies can bring you luck then and different kinds of pennies are luckier than others, for example, we find it is best to avoid face down coins as these are considered to bring bad luck whilst those with holes in the middle are doubly lucky and, no, it doesn’t count if you drill one through yourself.

A Ship’s Figurehead

Now, we understand that this one may not be practical for everyone but it does have it’s uses. Traditionally used to identify ships and strike fear into the enemy, think pirate ships, the ship’s figurehead was also often seen as a source of luck by the crew. Obviously getting hold of one of these when playing bingo may not be the easiest thing, but maybe having an image of one on the screen or mobile phone may help bring some of that figurehead charm to your bingo endeavours?

Lucky Clothing

We have our lucky underpants, what about you? Lucky clothing isn’t a new thing; many sports stars, for example, have lucky socks they like to wear when competing or how about a lucky top on a night out, doing the lottery…or playing online bingo. It may be one garment, in may be several but if you have had some luck when wearing a certain item of clothing, why not try it again, you never know it may just work.

Lucky Rabbit’s Foot

Surprisingly seen as a world wide lucky charm, apparently the way forward across many continents and countries including Africa, China, Europe and North America, it seems that the rabbit’s foot is pretty much the luckiest thing ever, except for the rabbit of course. Dating back to its origins, believed to be Celtic from around 600BC, the rabbit’s foot has been used as a lucky charm for thousands of years. Whilst we don’t suggest eyeing up someone’s beloved pet, should you happen to have one lying around (don’t we all)…

Wooden Jewellery

Wood? For luck? Surely not? Well, think about it, have you or do you know someone in the past who has said something and then followed it up with “touch wood”, usually placing the hand on a part of their anatomy, the part in question depending on who they are and who they are speaking to, not always appropriately we add. Many believe that wearing a wooden piece of custom jewellery, such as a bracelet or pendant will bring them the luck they are looking for, no one knows for sure where this custom came from but if it works, who are we to argue.

Lucky Horseshoe

Don’t touch the horses! Something we imagine you would hear should you start searching for the elusive lucky horseshoe in the wrong places. A traditional lucky charm dating from way back, made of iron with seven nails, so super lucky and a great way to ward off evil spirits, that’s a lot of luck in one chunk of metal. Horseshoes tend to be quite easy to come by without the need to take one directly off a horse, so why not ask your local stable if they have any spare, it could be the luckiest request you ever make.

Jin Chan

Jin Chan Rather than being a relation to Jackie Chan, the famous martial arts actor, Jin Chan is actually a lucky toad, obviously. Also known as Chan Chu or Money Toad, it is considered a lucky charm in Chinese culture, where it will have a Chinese coin placed in it’s mouth and positioned in the corner of room. Doesn’t sound very much fun for the toad we have to say, but apparently lucky for everyone else. The lucky toad charm must be effective though as other cultures have also embraced the amphibian including the Native Americans, Romans, Ancient Egyptians and Indigenous Australians.

Lucky Food

Yes, food can be lucky as well, some people insist on certain meals before competing in sports, much like any ritual a certain food can adjust the mindset to produce that lucky win, whether it’s something as simple as chocolate bar to a full three course meal, whichever you find works best for you. We’ve always felt an Indian takeaway radiates luck, but that could be just us, certainly radiates something anyway.

So there you have it, some useful pointers as to how to possibly ramp up the luck and good fortune in preparation for the superstitious online bingo gaming session. In no way comprehensive, people find their luck in all sorts of objects and situations, our top tip is to try a few of these together at the same time for a multiple charm offensive, that way surely something has got to rub off! You can thank us later (20% of all winnings should just about cover it).


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