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At UK Bingo Promotions we would like to think that we know a thing or two about online bingo (please feel free to correct us if we are wrong). Always happy to lend a help in hand, we have already posted articles on topics such as the Pitfalls of Online Bingo and Bingo Strategies for Newbies, so we thought it may be a nice gesture if we passed on some more of our expert gaming knowledge, gathered together and tried and tested with millions of bingo hours logged, a tough job but someone has to do it. Okay, maybe a slight exaggeration but you get the idea, and hopefully some of the following tips will come in handy for next time you decide to play a game or two.

Share your knowledge

If you have any helpful suggestions you think may come in handy then why not submit them below, one of the great aspects of bingo is the community, so don’t be shy and pass that knowledge on.

Check the Promotions Tab

Most online bingo sites have a separate Promotions Tab usually found in the main menu, this is worth checking regularly as some bingo sites have a habit of introducing new bingo promotions without actually telling members about them, this is an easy way to make sure you don’t miss out and to check on any details.

Time your deposits

Yes really, the time of the day you choose to make a deposit can effect how much of a bonus you receive. In our experience making a deposit in the evening, usually between 5pm and 11pm, tends to be the best time with many deposit bonuses such as happy hours and bonus bonuses usually available in the evening gaming sessions.

Check the bingo games schedule

Most online bingo sites have a handy bingo schedule to help members plan their gaming sessions. From this it is possible to map out the games with the best jackpots, which rooms they are in and when they are being held. By timing your gaming and joining a jackpot game when at its peak you will spend less money as most of the growth has already been covered.

The bingo schedule is also useful for planning gaming to a particular budget and players can plan an optimised gaming session to get the most from their funds, we recommend playing the higher ticket games in the evenings, thanks to the bigger jackpots and sticking with low value games during the day.

Time Bingo Card purchases

There is no hard set rule on this and can vary from site to site, again using the bingo schedule it is possible to work out when and for what games to buy tickets, often with timed buy one get one free promotions and peak jackpots to be taken into consideration.

Read the Terms and Conditions

Often ignored and, to be fair, it is easy to see why, the small print of many online bingo sites can be hard going and can get in the way of the gaming. However, taking the time to read the Terms and Conditions will put you in a good position when choosing which games to play and promotions to claim as there can occasionally be a hidden catch or wagering requirement.

Keep an eye on the Chat Games

When playing it is easy to ignore the Live Chat and concentrate on the game in hand, however by keeping one eye on the chat you can soon build up some handy extras as many hosts will hold their own games and offer extra bonuses which is an easy way of topping up the budget.

Subscribe to the Newsletter

Members who choose to receive Newsletters are often rewarded with exclusive bonuses not found directly on the main site, it is also a great way to keep up with the latest gaming news.

Follow social media pages

If your favourite online bingo site has an active social media account, like, follow or subscribe to it. Not only will you receive all the latest news and goings on within the site, many will also offer exclusive social media bonuses, Facebook in particular is good for this.


  1. Charlie

    That’s great advice, simple but easy to follow. I found learning some bingo lingo really helpful when asking for tips. It helped me integrate well within the chat rooms. Some of the veteran players have knowledge of the game some of us newbies can only dream of and speaking the same language really helped me. But as mentioned above if you do manage to pick up some tips or tricks its always a great idea to always pass that knowledge forward. There’s a great article on it here http://bingojackpotwinners.com/bingo-lingo

    • UK Bingo Team

      Thanks Charlie! We’re really glad that you found this useful 🙂


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