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What is 30 Ball Bingo?

Those of you who casually play online bingo from time to time have probably heard of 90 ball and 75 ball bingo, the most commonly found games and most sites have various themed rooms based around these two versions. There are a few however that also feature 30 ball bingo, a short, quick-fire version of the game, with fewer numbers, thirty hence the name and better odds when it comes to winning the full-house.

Also known as Speed Bingo, this shorter version of bingo allows for a quicker turnover of games and is becoming increasingly popular, particularly online where it is steadily building a loyal fan base both sides of the Atlantic by adding this quickfire extra dimension to the game not normally found in 75 ball bingo, the American favourite or the British favoured 90 ball bingo game.

30 Ball Bingo Rules

Players familiar with 75 or 90 ball bingo will find 30 ball bingo easy to pick up as the rules are very similar to these two games. The main difference that they may notice is that 30 ball bingo is a much quicker game, typically taking a few minutes making a session a quickfire affair with lots of games to participate in.

Whilst both 75 ball and 90 ball bingo is played offline and online, 30 ball bingo is an online only game, specifically aimed at a younger crowd in an attempt to make bingo more appealing to a new generation of players. Of course there is nothing to stop anyone who wishes to play from joining in and seasoned players looking for something new or those looking for a change now and again are more than welcome to join in fun, no matter what age they are.

The basic premise of 30 ball bingo is a simple three step process and shares many similarities to other variations of bingo, numbers are randomly drawn and marked off on a bingo card until a participant has a winning pattern, the first player to achieve this wins.

Step 1 – Purchase a Bingo Ticket

The first step is to purchase a bingo ticket or strip. How players choose this is up to them, some look for lucky numbers on the ticket, others are happy to take a random number selection which has been auto generated, the more strips you purchase the better the chances of winning. Online bingo sites have an option to do either of these with a choice of both an auto generation and select your own numbers available.

Step 2 – Time to get Daubing

Once all players have purchased their strips the game begins. Number between 1 and 30 are selected randomly and if a player has a particular number when drawn they mark this off their bingo ticket or tickets depending how many they bought, this is also known as daubing. Online players can do this themselves or allow the software to automatically mark off the numbers for them.

Step 3- We have a Winner

This process continues until someone has marked off all their numbers, the first to do this is the winner of the game (not forgetting to shout ‘HOUSE’ or ‘BINGO’). Also known as a Full House, this differs slightly from other variations of bingo in that it is the only way to win, making 30 ball bingo an even simpler version of game than the already simple 75 ball and 90 ball bingo.

The 30 Ball Bingo Card

30 Ball Bingo Card

As you can see from the example graphic above, the 30 Ball Bingo card has a simple layout containing fewer numbers than either the 75 or 90 ball bingo card.

Consisting of a 3 x 3 grid the card has 3 columns and 3 rows, resulting in total of 9 number spaces. Although no two cards are the same with numbers randomised, column 1 always contains numbers 1 -10, column 2 numbers 11 -20 and column 3 numbers 21 -30.

This makes the game very easy to pick up and play requiring no previous bingo experience, as numbers are called out marking them off, or daubing, is something just about anyone can manage.

Why play 30 Ball Bingo?

1. Fancy a game of online bingo but don’t have long to play? 30 ball bingo is the ideal choice as the quick pace of the game means each game lasts no more than a few minutes and is great way to squeeze in a few games where time is of the essence.

2. More opportunities to win, if you don’t win the round, not to worry, a new game will be starting again in seconds and with such a quick turnover of games there are more opportunities to win that jackpot in a shorter space of time.

3. 30 ball bingo is all about participation right from the get go, fast daubing and constant action, the game certainly doesn’t hang around and the fast pace will keep any player on their toes, it really is fast, frantic bingo.

4. The easiest game of bingo you will ever play, with just thirty numbers to choose from, one way to win and a nine number bingo card, 30 ball bingo could not be any more simple and is a perfect game for those both new to the game and the more experienced player.

30 ball bingo may be seen as the young upstart compared to the original 75 and 90 ball game, but it is rapidly gaining an ever increasing online fanbase. Although it may never replace the more traditional versions of bingo, online 30 ball bingo complements these other versions perfectly offering players a more condensed rapid-fire game better suited to a fast paced world with players short on time or attention span and is a great way of introducing online bingo to those who may not have even considered even giving the game a go before.


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