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The game of 75 Ball Bingo was originally derived from the 90 ball game and nowadays is arguably more popular than its predecessor. First played in the U.S, the game has gained global popularity thanks to the online version, first attracting the attention of the UK market before spreading to the rest of Europe and Australia, although it is still firmly a trans-Atlantic favourite.

The 75 Ball Bingo Card

75 Ball Bingo cards are 5X5 in size and contain 24 numbers, with the centre space always being blank; this is also referred to as the free square. Most bingo cards have the title at the top of each vertical column of 5 squares, spelling out the word ‘bingo.’ The first column with a ‘b’ contains numbers 1 to 15, the second column has the letter ‘i’ and numbers 16 to 30 and so on until the final column with an ‘o’ and numbers 61 and 75. The 24 numbers are randomly generated on purchase and are marked in each of these columns.

75 Ball Bingo Card

Rules of 75 Ball Bingo

There are a couple of different ways 75 Ball Bingo can be played, the most common version of which consists of two rounds. Round one, numbers are randomly drawn and players mark, or dab as it is also known, their cards until a vertical, diagonal or horizontal line is completed with some bingo games also accepting the four corners as well. After a player has claimed a line or corner, the game then progresses to a pattern play (A tip for beginners – lightly mark the pattern beforehand as this will help you to follow the game and keep a tab on what numbers you will need). The patterns act as a guide and can consist of letters, numbers, and shapes, with most shapes being hearts, houses and balls. The first player to mark a line wins a prize as does the first to complete the pattern.

The other way to play 75 Ball Bingo is to skip the line marking round and simply play for a pattern, this makes for a quicker turnover of games albeit with only a single prize and winner per game.

When playing online there is also a simpler third version where the first player to mark off all their numbers wins, also known as a coverall game. Many online bingo sites have also introduced their own unique take on the game with minor variations.

Numbers make Prizes

There are as many ways to win prizes as there are variations 75 Ball Bingo games, with so many online bingo sites offering different takes of the game. This has led to many new ways to win, for example; some games require a player to complete just one line to win, with the jackpot often being lower than a pattern game, albeit easier to win. The idea behind the two round game is to give players a better chance of winning, fail on round one, not to worry, your luck may be in for round two.

Usually, the more complicated patterns have bigger and better jackpots with games that require a coverall often also having the most generous prize fund. Sometimes games are carried over and played across several rounds and bingo cards with the winner being the player who has won the most rounds overall, these are often the biggest jackpots although competition can be fierce and only the luckiest of players will win.

As previously mentioned, online 75 Ball Bingo has seen a rise in many game variations and prizes, including the type of jackpots won, most being cashed based but don’t be surprised if prizes also include holidays or even takeaway meals. The most popular game online is the specific pattern, a popular one being the jackpot diamond which consists of up to sixteen squares with the number twenty next to it. This means that to win, players must complete the pattern within 20 number calls. If they succeed, they not only win the game jackpot and but also the progressive jackpot.

Winning patterns can be completely different and are dependent on the online bingo site you are playing on. For example, an increasing number of sites have adopted the direct jackpot approach with the coverall pattern being the only way to win. The ticking time bomb is also popular with the prize money slowly dropping with each number call which can often lead to a fun, if somewhat tense game. The logic behind this being the quicker a player manages to mark and complete the required pattern, the bigger the prize.

75 Ball Bingo Tips and Strategies

Familiarise yourself with the rules
75 Ball Bingo is generally played with the same universal rules, although there are minor variations depending on which site you are playing. Familiarise yourself with these to avoid making a mistake that may cost you claiming the jackpot.

Be alert for special promotions
Online bingo sites often hold unique special promotions before and whilst games are in play, from buy one get one free bingo tickets (BOGOF) to in game specific bonuses. Keep an eye out for these and claim as many as you can. Promotions can often increase your chances of winning a game, and this is one advantage that online sites have over standard live bingo halls.

Avoid peak hours
Simple, but obvious; the more players there are, the lower your chances of winning. Avoid playing during peak hours to improve your bingo odds, although it is worth noting the prize fund may be reduced as ticket purchase is often used to boost any potential jackpots.


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