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Online bingo is fun, a lot a fun, it also helps that players have the chance to win themselves a share of some, often not to be sniffed at, huge bingo jackpots. So, you have done your research, had a look at all the online bingo sites available to play, closely studied and deciphered the various terms and conditions each of these sites have to offer, taken note of the bingo promotions available and now you are ready to take the plunge into the murky depths of the online bingo pool.

WAIT!! Before you do, we have one last suggestion, strategy, having a plan before you start playing. Okay yes, we know bingo is not exactly like playing Risk but having a bingo strategy in place is definitely recommended, especially for the bingo newbie. It’s a good job we have put together a little guide then eh, a few pointers from our vast experience, some of which we wish we had known about ourselves when we first dipped our toes into the online bingo pool. Some may work better than others for you, but keep in the mind the following tips and hopefully they will come in handy.

Learn the rules of online bingo

It may seem obvious but make sure you know the rules of each and every bingo room you play, many of them have slightly different rules depending on the number of balls in play and whilst generally universal, sometimes the same game is played differently depending on which bingo site you are playing on.

Keep an eye the Live Chat

It’s good to talk so keep at least one eye on the Live Chat, available on most online bingo sites. Not only is Live Chat a great source of entertainment but often the hosts will throw in extra games and bonuses to be played for, it’s a great way of topping up the bingo funds and having fun to boot.

Claim BOGOF bonus tickets

If someone tells you to BOGOF then you should not be offended, BOGOF or ‘buy one get one free’ is essentially two for one on ticket purchases. Many sites have BOGOF bonuses which is an easy way to double the number of bingo tickets played with.

Play the free bingo games

Check your site of choice to see if there are any free bingo games as many sites have free bingo rooms for members to play, many of which have real cash jackpots to be won. This is both a great and easy way to play your favourite game risk free and potentially win big as well, pretty much a win – win situation, an obvious ‘must do’ then but you’d be surprised how many players miss this trick.

Stick to off-peak bingo

This one may seem less obvious and is harder to stick to, especially if you have a normal day-time job as well, but try playing off-peak. Tickets are often cheaper and you will have a better chance of bagging that big jackpot, the downside to all this that it could require playing during unsociable hours so we recommend making a plan of where and when to play, that way you won’t miss out.

Use the Auto Buy function

Why not let the bingo site buy your cards for you, that way you’d never need to miss a game. Most bingo sites have an auto buy function nowadays, simply choose the number of games you want to play, how many cards you want for each game and how much you would like to spend and everything else will be taken care of. One note of caution though, do not leave the room with auto buy turned on or any tickets you have bought will become invalid so always turn the service off and finish any games before exiting.

Pre-purchase bingo cards

Which leads neatly onto our next tip, buy your bingo cards in advance. Most games have an option to purchase bingo tickets up to a week in advance, by doing this not only can you plan your game playing week but also your budget, knowing exactly how much you are spending and when is definitely something we would recommend. If you make purchases for games that you then find you cannot play they can be cancelled and refunded, so even commitment-phobes don’t have an excuse.

Stick to a bingo budget

Which, strangely enough, not planned of course, leads onto our next tip, keep tight reign of your budget. It is always best to have a budget and stick to it, hopefully you may win big in which case, happy days! However be prepared to lose the lot, that way any winnings is seen as a bonus, especially since there are no guarantees when it comes to online bingo.

Keep an eye on bingo promotions

Keep an eye out for any promotions, these are usually displayed on the website’s homepage or under a promotions tab, you can even check for your favourite site at UK Bingo Promotions. With promotions changing all the time it is best to check regularly so that you don’t miss out, if a site has social media pages it may be worth following them as well as often any new offers will also be posted on the timeline.

Fully use any bingo bonus

It may seem obvious but don’t forget to make full use of any bingo bonuses. Often cash match deposit bonuses also come with free slot or bonus wheel spins and can be easily missed, having done this several times ourselves you’d be surprised just how often these extras are not claimed.

Play online bingo often

Play the numbers game, the more you play the better your chances of winning. However, this one comes with a big warning light, using this method takes some self-restraint, it is crucial to stick to your budget, but by playing a combination of cheaper games and at off-peak hours it is possible to make things stretch to a far greater number of games, meaning more chances to win.

A few useful tips then and maybe not just for the newbie, keep these bingo strategy tips in mind and they will help increase your chances of winning that big life changing jackpot, at the very least it should mean more gaming fun for your buck, that’s still a win as far as we are concerned. Have fun!


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