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From the Bingo Blog

Looking for the history of bingo or some other information bingo related? The Bingo Blog is the place to check first if you are looking for all things bingo, or just fancy a good read.

Amazing Bingo Facts

Bingo, a game we love to play on an almost daily basis. Truth be told if it were up to us we would play all day, every day if we could, unfortunately, something called life can tend to get in the way occasionally, including the need to eat and sleep. To celebrate our love of the game we have put together an infographic…

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Bingo – a game played worldwide

Bingo isn't just a game enjoyed by the Americans and British, it is played worldwide in a number of different countries, albeit with a few having slightly different interpretations of the rules. These rule changes may be minor but could easily catch out a...

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Charity Bingo, a novel way of fundraising

Charity begins at bingo The origins of bingo can be traced all the way back to the 1530s and was originally developed from the Italian lottery game “Lo Giuoco del Lotto”. Whilst the history of bingo spans many centuries, the modern game of bingo as we now...

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What is FunFair? | Beginner’s Guide

FunFair is an Ethereum-based platform for online casino gaming. Targeting the $47B online gambling market, FunFair isn’t actually a casino. Instead, the underlying gaming technology is licensed out to casinos and other gambling platforms…

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How to play 75 Ball Bingo

The game of 75 Ball Bingo was originally derived from the 90 ball game and nowadays is arguably more popular than its predecessor. First played in the U.S, the game has gained global popularity thanks to the online version, first attracting the attention...

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Bingo Odds – A Comprehensive Guide

Do you often hear the term “bingo odds” and wonder what does it really mean? If this is the case then hopefully this article will help clear up any questions you may have. In our comprehensive guide on “bingo odds” we will cover different aspects of the...

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How to play 30 Ball Bingo

What is 30 Ball Bingo? Those of you who casually play online bingo from time to time have probably heard of 90 ball and 75 ball bingo, the most commonly found games and most sites have various themed rooms based around these two versions. There are a few...

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Online Bingo Top Tips

At UK Bingo Promotions we would like to think that we know a thing or two about online bingo (please feel free to correct us if we are wrong). Always happy to lend a help in hand, we have already posted articles on topics such as the Pitfalls of Online...

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Pitfalls to avoid when gambling online

Last month in our blog we wrote all about Gambling Responsibly Online, which included a number of tips to bear in mind when playing. On the reverse side of this, there are a number of pitfalls that players can fall into and this month we have included a...

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Gambling Responsibly Online

Gambling is fun, it is supposed to be and in the UK over 73% of adults would seem to agree with this as they gamble at least once a year. With the rise of the internet and easily accessible bingo and casino websites, online gambling has seen a huge...

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Strategy Tips for Bingo Newbies

Online bingo is fun, a lot a fun, it also helps that players have the chance to win themselves a share of some, often not to be sniffed at, huge bingo jackpots. So, you have done your research, had a look at all the online bingo sites available to play,...

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The Lucky World of Online Bingo Superstitions

Luck, some of us appear to have it, others don't, whilst there is a whole grey area in between about making your own luck. Online bingo players can be a superstitious crowd, relying on all sorts of inanimate and sometimes animate objects, rituals and...

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