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From the Bingo Blog

Looking for the history of bingo or some other information bingo related? The Bingo Blog is the place to check first if you are looking for all things bingo, or just fancy a good read.

How to Play Bingo on a Budget

At UK Bingo Promotions you could say we like our online bingo and regularly play, mainly for research purposes of course, ahem... As many others have discovered, especially with it being a growing market, online bingo offers a unique, accessible world that...

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Bingo Balls! Bingo Lingo Numbers explained

UK Bingo, a game usually played with ninety balls, drawn and called randomly until someone wins, shouting 'House' or 'Bingo' to claim their prize. A large number of the bingo balls have over the years been given nicknames, known as 'Bingo Lingo', the balls...

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A Beginners Guide on how to Play Bingo

Looking to dip your toes into the world of online bingo or simply need a refresher on how things work? Read on for an easy to follow guide on how to play UK bingo. The essentials of bingo are easy to pick up even for someone who has never played before....

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The History of Bingo

In the UK alone around 4 million people regularly play bingo, also occasionally known as 'Housey Housey' both in UK bingo halls and online. Considered a form of cheap entertainment, bingo has been a firm favourite for decades and it is easy to see why,...

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